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I Want To Make Games!

Great! GameBeans is here to help you get your idea on the screen with as little fuss as possible. You're a click away from the GameBeans IDE, that's where you make your game. A click away from the Docs, the Tutorials and the Demos that'll help you learn how to make what you want! And it's all free, so have a look around and discover if GameBeans is for you!

No Coding Experience?

That's OK! We understand that, to a beginner, code can be scary. GameBeans helps introduce you to programming concepts in simple, easy ways! GameBeans allows you to create games visually, and using language and terms that anyone can understand. You can see for yourself in our examples below.

I Know Code!

Sweet, don't let us get in your way! GameBeans is built on JavaScript, and allows you to use JavaScript in your games. Not a subset, nothing is blocked, anything JavaScript can do, you can use. You can even import JavaScript libaries and use them directly, no need for specific plugins. GameBeans can just help with all the other stuff around game creation, like your art and sound assets and level design.

Sharing Is Caring.

GameBeans games are exported as HTML5 apps. Which means they run in web browsers. Which means they can run on anything that can run a browser; PC, Mac, Linux, phones, tablets, etc. It's also possible to create "native" apps from GameBeans games using tools like PhoneGap or NW.js.

GameBeans As A Library.

Don't want or need an IDE? We understand, everybody has different ways in which they like to work. GameBeans can also be used as a JavaScript Library for a code only solution to create your games. You'll still have full access to GameBeans objects > events > actions system through code, so creating games in the code-editor of your choice could not be faster!


GameBeans is currently under early development. You can get involved in the development by joining our Discord server and telling us of your experiences using GameBeans, and what we can do to help make it the right tool for you!

Object > Event > Action driven.

GameBeans uses an intuitive event-driven system.

Events are assigned to Objects that represent things in your game, like the player, enemies or pickups.

Events are triggered by things that happen in your game, either all the time like the "Step" and "Draw" events or under certain conditions, like "Input" events or the "Collision" event that happens when two objects touch.

Events contain Actions. Actions are how you decide what happens, like moving the player, shooting bullets, playing sounds, etc.

Simple Interface.

GameBeans is designed to be simple and clutter-free and put all the tools you need just a click away.

The Interface is split into three main sections:

In the center is your workspace, this is where resources like your Objects, Sprite, Sounds and Rooms open for editing.

On the right is the Project View, this gives you access to things like your game's global settings and resources.

And on the left is the Context View, this view will change depending on what resource you have open in the workspace, so if you have an Object open, you'll have access to Events and Actions here.

Built-in Code Editor.

GameBeans uses it's own lightweight code editor.

It features syntax highlighting that can look all the way into JavaScript objects and destinguish between child objects, functions and variables, even with imported libraries!